Cornus hongkongensis

Common Name : Hong Kong dogwoodType : ShrubHabit : BushyFoliage : EvergreenHeight : 2.5-4 metresSpread : 2.5-4 metresFlower colour : CreamFlowering from : Juneto JulyFoliage colour : Green& OrangeHardiness : H4
Hardy through most of the UK -10° to -5°
Sunlight : Full Sun / Part ShadeMoisture : Moist but well-drainedSoil : Acid / NeutralSeason of interest : Spring - Summer - Autumn - WinterTo be Sheltered

Hong Kong dogwood, Cornus hongkongensis, is a deciduous tree native to China, Laos and Vietnam. It has a dense, upright habit. Its fresh green leaves have yellow margins, and turn beautiful shades of red and purple in autumn. Its large, white bracts are typical of cornus, and fade to a light pink with age. These are followed by small green fruit.


2019 – Purchased from ESAT La Simonière nursery and planted in mid-September. Beautiful specimen 170 cm high.

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