Garrya elliptica

Common Name : silk tassel bushType : ShrubHabit : ErectFoliage : EvergreenHeight : 2.5-4 metresSpread : 2.5-4 metresFlower colour : CreamFlowering from : Januaryto MarchFoliage colour : Deep greenHardiness : H4
Hardy through most of the UK -10° to -5°
Sunlight : Full Sun / Part ShadeMoisture : Moist but well-drainedSoilSeason of interest : WinterTo be Sheltered Fragrant

G. elliptica is a shrub or small tree of rapid growth and bushy habit, to 3.5m or even to 4.5m in mild areas. Leaves oval to roundish, dark shining green above, felted grey beneath. The long, grey-green male catkins flower in January and February. The female plant is less commonly seen, but produces long clusters of purple-brown fruits in summer. [RHS]


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