Lamium maculatum ‘Beacon Silver’
Good for pollinators

Common Name : spotted deadnettleType : Herbaceous PerennialHabit : Mat formingFoliage : Semi-evergreenHeight : 0.1-0.5 metresSpread : 10-50 cmFlower colour : Violet BlueFlowering from : Aprilto SeptemberFoliage colour : Siver& GreenHardiness : H5
Hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters -15° to -10°
Sunlight : Part ShadeMoisture : Moist but well-drainedSeason of interest : Spring - Summer - Autumn

Lamium can be annuals or, more usually, perennials, with coarsely toothed ovate leaves and 2-lipped, tubular flowers borne in whorls forming a short spike.
L. maculatum is a stoloniferous perennial forming a mat of prostrate leafy stems, with purple, white or pink flowers in spikes in summer.


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