This site is intended to demonstrate my experimental features of the H5P activities which are under development and not currently included in the H5P regular distribution. Please report any findings, bugs, etc. by email at h5p@rezeau.org.

There is no need to log in; all activities can be done as anonymous visitor.

All details about the new experimental features are at

Dialog Cards papi Jo (doc) 

Drag & Drop papi Jo (doc)

Guess the Sentence papi Jo (doc)

How do I install the 'papi Jo' libraries on my own website?

Full instructions are provided in the Instructions frame at

Dialog Cards Papi Jo Template and

Drag & Drop Papi Jo Template

Guess the Sentence Papi Jo Template

Warning.- The papi Jo H5P libraries are not official, they are not supported by the H5P core team. Install them on a test site and test thoroughly before installing on a production site. There is no guarantee of future updates nor of support. However, I will do my best to answer queries posted to  h5p@rezeau.org.

Install at own risk!