Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for all the H5P 'papi Jo' contents

This template h5p content is the recommended h5p file to download to your computer and to upload to your own website (Drupal, Moodle or WordPress platform) in order to install the H5P 'Papi Jo' libraries..

Click the Reuse button located just at the bottom of each template activity. Then click the Download as an .h5p file link to download this content to your computer. Take note of the name of the file, something like interactive-content-71.h5p.

Then go to your own website (Drupal, Moodle or WordPress platform) where you already have installed the H5P plugin, of course. Or open Lumi if installed on your computer.

Go to Create a new H5P content, and, at the top of the list of available contents, instead of clicking the default Create Content button, click the Upload button. Then Upload an H5P file, browse your computer for the H5P template file you have just saved, Click Use. If all goes well, you should see the contents of the template file. You may also see a message "updated libraries".

Save and View the template file. You can then delete it, you are set to create your own contents by selecting the HP 'papi Jo' content in the list of available contents.