To compost or not to compost

That is the question! The University College of London has started a Big Compost Experiment described below. UCL’s Plastic Waste Innovation Hub invites you to help shape the future of the planet.Participate in the Big Compost Experiment, our nationwide citizen science research experiment in compostable and biodegradable plastics.The experiment has…

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The frosted New Year’s Day garden

The frosted garden on New Year's Day 2021

1st of January 2021. Maybe a harbinger of a Happier New Year, a glorious weather today, starting with a frosty morning and then a sunny afternoon.  Gardening has surely been a welcome activity/leisure for many of us in that annus horribilis. Some pics of frosty plants taken in the garden…

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The “skull & bones” plant

A bit of botany On the Arrosoirs & Sécateurs forum a member asked for the identification of a fruit capsule that looked like a skull and crossbones. The answer was quickly found, although … not quite. In fact, there are several species of plants whose fruit capsule can evoke a…

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