Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’

Has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit. (1993)
Good for pollinators
Common Name : Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'Family : AdoxaceaeType : ShrubHabit : BushyHeight : 1.5-2.5 metresSpread : 1-1.5 metresFlower colour : White& Light PinkFlowering from : Januaryto AprilFoliage : EvergreenFoliage colour : Deep greenHardiness: Hardy through most of the UK -10° to -5°Sunlight : Full Sun / Part Shade / Full ShadeMoisture : Well-drained / Moist but well-drainedSoil : Acid / Neutral / AlkalineSeason of interest : Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter

Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ is a compact bushy, medium-sized evergreen shrub with broadly oval, smaller leathery dense dark green leaves and, from late winter, flattened clusters of deep pink buds opening to small, starry white-pink flowers. The compactness, smaller leaves, denseness, and excess pink distinguishes it from the species. Berries deep metallic-blue. Famed for its resilience to taking exposure to wind – even on the coast – and to hard-pruning, so it is easily clipped into a hedge, or a clipped feature or specimen plant.

According to Chris Clennet the cultivar apparently originated in Wakefield place (where he worked) but was originally purchased from Dickson’s of Chester. It was then named by the then owner of Wakefield Sir Henry Price in 1960 and was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit in 1961. Still going strong.

See on garden plan - Coordinates: D2