About me


Digital painting by Cali Rezo

I discovered pottery in September 2002 through a club. There I learnt how to throw the clay, a technique I loved from the beginning. After two years I bought my own throwing wheel to work at home. The following year I bought a small electric kiln and started to work on my own.

The visitor who browses through my Pottery & Ceramics gallery on this site may be surprised at the wide range of the techniques and styles to be found in the items displayed. Indeed I love researching in all kinds of directions; I sometimes get my inspiration from world arts and crafts. I never produce large series of objects as I don’t like repeating myself. All my pieces are unique. Ceramics does not necessitate a lot of equipment but a lot of work, imagination and … passion.

The ancient art of Temari also requires patience and minutiae. Making gift boxes out of cardboard is a precision craft too.