Acanthus mollis

Common Name : bear's breechFamily : AcanthaceaeType : Herbaceous PerennialHabit : Columnar/UprightHeight : 1-1.5 metresSpread : 1-1.5 metresFlower colour : WhiteFlowering from : Julyto AugustFoliage : DeciduousFoliage colour : GreenHardiness : H6
Hardy in all of UK and northern Europe -20° to -15°
Sunlight : Full Sun / Part ShadeMoisture : Well-drainedSoil : Acid / AlkalineSeason of interest : Summer - Autumn

A. mollis is a vigorous plant with large, glossy dark green leaves, pinnately lobed and, in late summer, tall racemes of white flowers with dusky purple bracts.

2018.- As usual beautiful foliage not diseased in winter.

2017.- April: good-looking foliage. Sprayed against oidium mid-May. Disappointing flowering.

2015.- Good leaves growth in the Spring, but soon covered in powdery mildew. Had to chop leaves down to ground level. New growth in June, nice foliage in the summer.

Unknown origin.

See on garden plan - Coordinates: I2