Camassia leichtlinii ‘Alba’

Good for pollinators
Common Name : Californian white-flowered quamashFamily : AsparagaceaeType : Bulb/CormHabit : ErectHeight : 50 cm-1 metreSpread : 10-50 cmFlower colour : CreamFlowering from : Mayto MayFoliage : DeciduousFoliage colour : GreenHardiness: Hardy through most of the UK -10° to -5°Sunlight : Full Sun / Part ShadeMoisture : Moist but well-drainedSoil : Acid / Neutral / AlkalineSeason of interest : SpringTo be Sheltered

Tall spires of creamy-white, star-shaped flowers appear above strap-like leaves in late spring and early summer. Originally from damp meadowlands in North America, this bulbous perennial is perfect for naturalising in a wildflower meadow. It will happily grow in moist soil in sun or partial shade as long as the soil doesn’t become waterlogged. Take advantage of its brief flowering season to brighten up a border before summer perennials take over. Or plant in a border that is backed by a tall hedge, where the dark foliage will show the flowers off.

See on garden plan - Coordinates: N09, P9 et G4