Echinacea purpurea JS® ‘White Prairie’
Good for pollinators

Common Name : purple coneflower 'White Prairie'Type : Herbaceous PerennialHabit : Clump-formingHeight : 0.5-1 metresSpread : 10-50 cmFlower colour : WhiteFlowering from : Juneto SeptemberFoliage : DeciduousFoliage colour : GreenHardiness : H5
Hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters -15° to -10°
Sunlight : Full Sun / Part ShadeMoisture : Well-drainedSoil : Acid / Neutral / AlkalineSeason of interest : Summer - AutumnFragrant

Detailed info on this particular variety is quite hard to find!

2020 – Pruned down at the beginning of February (mild and humid weather). Relocated 3 specimens at the end of April to the new triangle. First flower on June 22nd. Faded early September.

2019- Well grown by mid-April. First flowers at the end of June. Beautiful flowering this summer as usual.

2018 – Well grown by mid April. Lots of seedlings everywhere. Full of buds by the 10th of June. First flowers at the end of June. Abundant flowering at the beginning of July. Faded in early September.

2017 – Grows in mid-March. Small seedlings are sown at the end of April. First flowers (on the seedling from sowing) on June 20th. Full bloom in early July. Many small seedlings, to be planted in autumn or next spring. Donated several plants to friends.

2016 – Starts to grow at the end of March. Placed the small seedlings grown last year in mid-April. This brings the number of tufts to 3. First flower (on specimen from sowing) on 5 July. First flowers mid-July on the other specimens. Staked in July-August. Faded at the beginning of September. Stems with faded flowers for “eco-decoration”.

2015 – Always 2 healthy specimens. First flower on June 19th. Abundant flowering in July. Not so good afterwards.

2014 – Planted 3 specimens, one died very quickly. One superb specimen, another “average”.

Detailed info on this particular variety is quite hard to find!

See on garden plan - Coordinates: N5