Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’

Good for pollinators
Common Name : angelina stonecropFamily : CrassulaceaeType : Cactus/SucculentHabit : TrailingSpread : 10-50 cmFlower colour : GoldFlowering from : Mayto JulyFoliage : EvergreenFoliage colour : ChartreuseHardiness: Hardy in all of UK and northern Europe -20° to -15°Sunlight : Full SunMoisture : Well-drainedSeason of interest : Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter

Syn. Sedum reflexum ‘Angelina’.

A terrific low evergreen groundcover for sunny areas with poor dry soil. This forms a trailing mat of succulent golden-yellow leaves. Clusters of yellow starry flowers appear during the summer. When planted in containers or on a wall this develops a beautiful cascading habit. Plants may be pruned back at any time if they get too large. Foliage sometimes develops beautiful amber tones in the autumn and winter. Does well in large rock gardens where the plants can be given room to spread. Best with occasional to no foot traffic. Drought tolerant. Registered with COPF: royalty required for propagation.

See on garden plan - Coordinates: K21