The garden history

The former garden (2000-2013)

When the property was purchased in 1999, the 200 m² garden was abandoned. It was completely cleared, sown with grass and borders were created all around. Most of the plants were purchased from the CAT of Bréal-sous-Montfort (now ESAT), with a layout plan provided. See below a gallery of images of that former garden (from spring 2010 to October 2013).

The new plot (2014)

Plan 2013-2014

In December 2013 the sale of the neighbouring property (to the East) was the opportunity to acquire a shed (now our greenhouse) and a little bit of garden.


This ” bit of garden ” was abandoned and was partly used as a dump. From February to June 2014, an old chicken coop had to be demolished and then the land, which was full of all kinds of rubbish, had to be cleared and scrubbed.

Setting-up the new East Border

We then built a shared fence made of wooden panels and planted a mixed border following a plan drawn up with Fanny, from the ESAT de la Simonière nursery.

The pergola and its shade plants

A break in the summer of 2014 to take advantage of the flowering of the new plantations and those of the old hedge which are on reprieve. In the autumn, the clearing at the southern end of the new plot brought its new batch of roots, stones, bricks, metal parts of appliances, … the routine. The clearing was followed by the installation of a pergola followed by the planting of shade-loving plants, again from the ESAT de la Simonière.

New decoration for the terrace & garden stairs

When the house was purchased and enlarged, a terrace and a large staircase were created to access the garden. For the sake of cost savings this terrace had been covered with deactivated concrete and the staircase with gravel slabs. It was quite pretty at first but had aged very badly and had become almost impossible to keep clean. After much thought and waiting for the availability of the carpenter, a new covering (composite boards) was finally laid, for a very contemporary look.