The frosted New Year’s Day garden

The frosted garden on New Year's Day 2021

1st of January 2021. Maybe a harbinger of a Happier New Year, a glorious weather today, starting with a frosty morning and then a sunny afternoon.  Gardening has surely been a welcome activity/leisure for many of us in that annus horribilis. Some pics of frosty plants taken in the garden…

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The “skull & bones” plant

A bit of botany On the Arrosoirs & Sécateurs forum a member asked for the identification of a fruit capsule that looked like a skull and crossbones. The answer was quickly found, although … not quite. In fact, there are several species of plants whose fruit capsule can evoke a…

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Plant of the moment : Dorycnium hirsutum

Common name: Hairy canary flower. Often listed as Dorycnium hirsutum, Lotus hirsutus is a Mediterranean sub-shrub found growing wild in Portugal. It’s a choice silver-leafed plant for warm and sunny areas, particularly gravel gardens and rockeries, where it forms a spreading mat from which small creamy pink flowers appear at…

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