Plant Propagation by Layering

In full bloom April 2019

Layering? What is it? Stems that are still attached to their parent plant may form roots where they come in contact with a rooting medium. This method of vegetative propagation is generally successful, because water stress is minimized and carbohydrate and mineral nutrient levels are high. The development of roots…

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Spring pruning

Spring pruning 2021 AFTER

As every year I face a dilemma with my ‘Fujino Pink’ spirea specimen. For this type of shrub with late winter-early spring flowering, a relatively severe pruning is recommended after flowering. But the blooming period of this spirea is very long, starting sometimes before Christmas and lasting until March. In…

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Impulse buy x2!

Just bought, still in its pot

Still looking for a replacement for my Choisya ternata, which died after 20 years of good and loyal services, I paid a little visit to the big garden center not far from here (T..t). Although I had my own little list of unusual shrubs, I fell for a very ……

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One more Spring!

Today is the gardener’s birthday: another spring with nothing to do but wait. A bit like gardening, well almost. At the moment, the gardener is thinking hard about putting together his short shopping list to go to the nursery or garden centre. It’s a matter of filling in the gaps…

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February jobs

First flowers 2021

With the mild weather of the last few days, the gardener is finally starting to get busy. Here is a small list (non-exhaustive) of the small jobs that have been done. First mowing of the season Started to cut the dead Choisya ternata to pieces. Pruned from 50cm to 1m…

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