Clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’
Has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Common Name : clematis 'Guernsey Cream'Type : ClimberHabit : ClimbingFoliage : DeciduousHeight : 1.5-2.5 metresSpread : 1.5-2.5 metresFlower colour : CreamFlowering from : Aprilto MayFoliage colour : GreenHardiness : H6
Hardy in all of UK and northern Europe -20° to -15°
Sunlight : Full Sun / Part ShadeMoisture : Moist but well-drainedSoil : Acid / Neutral / AlkalineSeason of interest : Spring - SummerDescription

Large, cream flowers, up to 12cm across that appear from mid May to July, and again at the end of August. The cream flowers, with yellow stamens and a green bar at the centre, can fade easily in full sun so its best planted in some shade. Great against a dark background and can even be grown in a container.


2020 – Pruned by half in February. Begins to grow back. Flower buds formed at the end of February. First flower blooms on March 24th (in full ‘confinement’). Superb flowering this season. A few new flowers at the beginning of June and again at the beginning of September.

2019- Beautiful shoots at the beginning of March, with formed flower buds. First flower (a little puffed up by slugs) on April 9th. 5 or 6 flowers on April 12th. Almost completely wilted by the end of April. May 12 treated with OLIGOSOL B.

2018 – In buds at the end of February. First flowers on 19 April. The stems having grown a lot into the wisteria, I “brought them down” at the end of April.

2017- Seems to have spent the winter and the frosts fairly well. A few leaves are toasted. In buds in February and March. In flower on April 8th. Very flowery. Flowering finished on May 5th. The foliage does not look very beautiful. Lovely fruit in May-June. Fruits like “sheep” at the end of June.

2016 – Planted to the left of the Pierre de Ronsard rose to furnish the trellis while waiting for the rose to grow back. In bloom on May 1st. Last flowers at the end of May. Lovely fruit in June. Fruits leave in “feathers” during July. New shoots not very vigorous at the beginning, a little better at the end of summer. Stems tended to be pruned during growth.

See on garden plan - Coordinates: A12