Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

Common Name : Jackman's clematisType : ClimberHabit : ClimbingHeight : 2.5-4 metresSpread : 2.5-4 metresFlower colour : VioletFlowering from : Juneto JulyFoliage : DeciduousFoliage colour : GreenHardiness : H5
Hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters -15° to -10°
Sunlight : Full Sun / Part ShadeMoisture : Moist but well-drainedSoil : NeutralSeason of interest : Spring - Summer

Sumptuous, large, deep purple flowers with greenish centres from mid-summer to early autumn. This large-flowered clematis can be relied upon to produce a mass of velvety blooms with either 4, 5 or 6 petals from June to September. Ideal for growing in a large container, supported by trellis or garden canes, it copes well in a north-facing site.

Garden care: In early spring cut back the previous year’s stems to a pair of strong buds about 15-20cm (6-8in) above ground-level and apply a slow-release balanced fertiliser and a mulch of well-rotted garden compost around the plant, avoiding the immediate crown.

2020 – Removed 2 old stems at the end of January. Slight regrowth in February. First flowers (in wisteria) on 25 May.

2018 – Severely bent stems. Growth starts again at the base, but is eaten by slugs. Beautiful new shoots from the base at the beginning of May. First flowers (top) June 12, very late this year. New leaves are attacked by aphids in May. Treated with black soap. Beautiful flowering throughout the stems this season. On 25 July folded down to about 60 cm. Fed (horse manure) and watered to encourage eventual regrowth.

2017 – Mid-February, cut back the stems that are beginning to grow back. At the beginning of April several sick leaves, treated with OLIGOSOL. Seems a little tired. In mid-May, the lower leaves are invaded by aphids. Treated with black soap + vinegar on May 17th. Beautiful bud shoots as usual at the end of the stems. First flowers on 28 May. Full flowering at the beginning of June. Smaller flowers with powdery mildew at the end of June. Cut off withered stems on July 11th.

2016-January: starts to grow, stems folded down. New shoots at the end of March. Mid April: OLIGOSOL treated. Allowed several stems to grow towards the Pittosporum Tobira on the right. First flowers opened on June 15. Superb flowering at the end of June. Not sickly during July.

2015 – Cut down at the end of February. Beautiful shoots in March-April. Treated with rose treatment mid-April. Treatment n° 2 OLIGOSOL mid-May. First flowers on 7 June. Beautiful flowering in mid-June. End of flowering and half-flowering on 17 July. Continues to vegetate afterwards.

2014 – Mildew. Folded down at the end of June, reopened in July.

Subject planted before 2010.

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