North Border - May 2016North Border - June 2016West BorderWest Border - close-upNorth-East corner - July 2019Nort Border - end April 2019

North Border - May 2016

North Border - June 2016

West Border

West Border - close-up

North-East corner - July 2019

Nort Border - end April 2019

152 visitors in Papi Joe’s garden on June 15th-16th. Click here for the full report.

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Beginnings of a fern wall

With only 10 ferns, this wall is not very impressive, but it is a start. To follow its story, go to this page.

If it works well, Papi Jo could consider offering this green wall to Donald T., who loves walls so much. But not sure it would go well with the climate of the Mexican border, and there would be too many gaps. Too bad, it would have been nice, a little freshness in a world of bullies.


152 visitors in Papi Joe’s Garden!

Sat. June 15th and Sun. June 16th were open garden days in Papi Joe’s garden. The visitors were comprised…


A stressed gardener

There is much talk of the pleasure of visiting gardens, but no mention of the “stress” of the gardener…