55 visitors on “open garden” day!

Sat. June 16th was open garden day in Papi Joe’s Garden. The weather was cloudy but no rain, which was perfect for the visitors to get a good view of all the colours of a garden in full bloom. The visitors comprised the “usual suspects”, anxious to spot the new plants in an already visited garden, and newcomers too.

A number of plants which were no longer needed in the garden were given away, duly labelled with planting instructions.

The garden stairs were under repair, and rather unsightly but had been given a quick coat of grey paint to make them less visible.

The North-East border had a new feature this year, a backdrop of Solanum jasminoides ‘Alba’ in full bloom at the time of the visit and—hopefully—for many more weeks to come!

And you can enjoy the traditional time-lapse/video on YouTube.