February jobs

With the mild weather of the last few days, the gardener is finally starting to get busy. Here is a small list (non-exhaustive) of the small jobs that have been done.

  • First mowing of the season
  • Started to cut the dead Choisya ternata to pieces.
  • Pruned from 50cm to 1m above the ground the clematis: Clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’, C. ‘Jackmanii’, C. ‘Samaritan Jo’, C. SAPHYRA Double Rose
  • Pruned at 40cm : Penstemon ‘Garnet’
  • Pruned Hibiscus syriacus Lavender Chiffon, Lavatera x clementii ‘Barnsley’ (the new specimen), Hydrangea paniculata PASTELGREEN
  • Uprooted the dead Lavatera x clementii ‘Barnsley’.

While gardening, Papi Jo observes the development of the plants, and today had the pleasure of admiring the opening of a few flowers of the botanical tulip, which really heralds the return of spring to the garden.

Premières fleurs 2021
Tulipa turkestanica 20/02/2021