One more Spring!

Today is the gardener’s birthday: another spring with nothing to do but wait. A bit like gardening, well almost.

At the moment, the gardener is thinking hard about putting together his short shopping list to go to the nursery or garden centre. It’s a matter of filling in the gaps left by a few plants that were recently removed, because they were either dead or almost dead, or in any case no longer had a place in the garden: a specimen of Choisya ternata and a large clump of Miscanthus zebrina that were 15 or 20 years old, and also a stunted Eucryphia nymansay ( that one was easy to pull out, it had hardly developed any roots in 6 years!

On those forthcoming trips to these places full of temptations, I’ll have to be reasonable and not load my trolley with specimens that I won’t know where to put in the garden.