Plant of the moment : Dorycnium hirsutum

Common name: Hairy canary flower. Often listed as Dorycnium hirsutum, Lotus hirsutus is a Mediterranean sub-shrub found growing wild in Portugal. It’s a choice silver-leafed plant for warm and sunny areas, particularly gravel gardens and rockeries, where it forms a spreading mat from which small creamy pink flowers appear at the tips of stems and on sideshoots, in summer. Grow Lotus hirsutus in very free-draining, gritty soil in full sun. Protect from frost in winter or take semi-ripe and overwinter under glass as an insurance against winter loss. [From Gardeners’ World]

Like other shrubs with grey foliage, it does not like persistent winter moisture. It is more of a Mediterranean plant. I had 2 specimens planted 3 years ago. Very nice development, but one of them collapsed last year, perhaps smashed by the autumn rains. The one that remains is very beautiful and, to prevent it from trailing on the ground, I put an iron “girdle” on it (see photos). In any case, it’s self-sowing all over my lawn, up to 3 meters away, and I’ve picked up some small plants that are patiently waiting in their little pots to replace the mother plant if necessary.