Sowing sweet peas (continued)

10 days after sowning (indoors)
Sweet peas in toilet rolls (Night and) Day – T & M 22/12/2016

Last December I posted about my “toilet roll” sweet peas experiment. In the container I had placed indoors the seeds germinated in 10 days. That really got me by surprise and when I discovered the new shoots they were all elongated and pale (for want of light). So I took them upstairs in front of a window where they continued their life, with a little watering from time to time.

The pods in the other container (in my garden shed) germinated much later and I could see the new shoots only a few weeks ago. I gave those to a friend.

Last week I planted the earlier plugs out in the garden. On the photos above you can see the state of the “plugs” before planting. Originally those were seeds I purchased from Thomson and Morgan, under the name “Night and Day”, a mixture of pure white and very dark burgundy red seeds. However the only flowers I have ever seen in my garden where the white ones. More news in the coming months.