Spring pruning

Spring pruning 2021 AFTER

As every year I face a dilemma with my ‘Fujino Pink’ spirea specimen. For this type of shrub with late winter-early spring flowering, a relatively severe pruning is recommended after flowering. But the blooming period of this spirea is very long, starting sometimes before Christmas and lasting until March. In…

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Impulse buy x2!

Just bought, still in its pot

Still looking for a replacement for my Choisya ternata, which died after 20 years of good and loyal services, I paid a little visit to the big garden center not far from here (T..t). Although I had my own little list of unusual shrubs, I fell for a very ……

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One more Spring!

Today is the gardener’s birthday: another spring with nothing to do but wait. A bit like gardening, well almost. At the moment, the gardener is thinking hard about putting together his short shopping list to go to the nursery or garden centre. It’s a matter of filling in the gaps…

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