A Hongkonger in Papi Jo’s garden!

Cornus hongkongensis 12/09/2019

Due to this summer’s heat wave, two shrubs have given up in Papi Jo’s garden. Namely the Chinese lilac Syringa Microphylla Superba which will have lived only 4 years in the garden. It will be replaced by the Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Red Baron’ which I planted nearby and which is cramped. This is the principle of “music chairs” adapted to the garden.

In addition I lost my pittosporum ‘Green Elf’, it’s the second one to die on my, and I won’t be putting a third one, enough is enough!

After consulting and getting useful advice on the gardening forums I regularly visit, I opted for a Cornus hongkongensis, not so much because of the recent news about Hong Kong, but because of its many qualities. I was lucky enough to find a lovely specimen in one of my favourite nurseries, at a reasonable price. It already displays a beautiful autumnal foliage. All that remains is to wait for its flowering next season.