To compost or not to compost

That is the question!

The University College of London has started a Big Compost Experiment described below.

UCL’s Plastic Waste Innovation Hub invites you to help shape the future of the planet.
Participate in the Big Compost Experiment, our nationwide citizen science research experiment in compostable and biodegradable plastics.
The experiment has two parts. The first part is for everyone, whether you compost or not. It’s a short 5 minute survey. The second part is optional for those who compost. It’s a home composting experiment. To do this you’ll need a selection of compostable or biodegradable plastic items. See Experiment Guidelines for details on selecting your items and setup.
Your participation is vital to helping us combat plastic waste.

I have decided to take part in this experiment, on a very modest scale, with the only “compostable” object I had on hand, a Lotus toilet roll. This roll was therefore incorporated into the bottom of one of the 2 composting bins at the back of the garden on December 30, 2020. Its evolution will be followed and documented on this blog. See you soon on papi Jo’s garden site for the exciting adventures of the compostable roll.