Visit of Le Pellinec garden

Garden of Le Pellinec

Today, with a couple of friends, we visited the Jardin du Pellinec, on the North coast of Brittany. This garden is a member of the Association des Parcs et Jardins de Bretagne, and has been awarded the prestigious “Jardin remarquable” label. It has been described and photographed on so many Websites and has received such wide acclaim that we were afraid to be disappointed by an actual visit. That was not the case and this is the most beautiful garden I have ever seen, with maybe the exception of Kew gardens and Sissinghurst Castle Garden which I visited many years ago and have mostly forgotten. In the Pellinec garden you will not see any of those pseudo-artistic “decorations” that most public gardens throw at the visitor. You will not find a tea-shop either (much to the disappointment of my English friend). Nothing but plants, flowers and trees, carefully organized for the pleasure of the eye, in a splendid natural setting.

As we arrived rather late in the day for our visit, we had the garden to ourselves. The season was the perfect timing for viewing a display of foliage and flowers at their best. The slightly overcast skies provided the perfect light for viewing and photographing, free of harsh lights and over-dark shadows.

At the end of our visit we exchanged a few words with the owner-gardener, someone rather reserved at first but easily engaged in endless talk about his passion.

If you ever come to this part of Brittany, a visit to Le Pellinec gardens is a must.